We envision an approach to recycling that encourages the promotion of environmental stewardship through efforts which strengthen industrial recycling best management practices (BMPs) and circular economy sustainability efforts. The goal of this is to enhance the consciousness of all levels of the industry so that they conduct business with the well-being of their employees, the environment, society, and nearby communities in mind. This includes influencing all levels of the supply chain from manufacturers and consumers, to recyclers and material processors. As an agent of global improvement we aspire to empower designers, manufacturers, and recyclers to maintain ethical standards throughout all levels of the product life cycle. We believe that this will lead to greater health and safety for all while also further educating suppliers about the dangers of unchecked product design.

The Foundation for Ethical Recycling of Industrial Scrap (FERIS) exists to promote wants, needs, and desires that help to shape the future of industrial recycling. Doing this involves taking a holistic approach to assessing the environmental impacts for which we are all responsible and collaborating with the appropriate entities to carry out change. Though we aim to act as advocates for holding organizations to elevated standards with regards to recycling BMPs and stakeholder engagement, we also understand that bolstering the circular economy involves improving product design, encouraging the use of best available technologies (BATs) by heavy industry organizations, enlisting the expertise of members in the academic community, and educating consumers how to ethically recycle. Our mission is to serve as a resource and facilitator in promoting these aims–by pushing heavy industry organizations towards proactively forming industry wide partnerships, publishing academic research, advocating for sustainable product design, and engaging in community outreach that enhances recycling education.

Our multifaceted project includes a curated library of resources and original content, a book in development, and ongoing efforts to spread this message and build a community of like-minded individuals. If you care about ethical recycling this is the place for you, and we invite you to use our site as a starting point for better understanding these issues. From our vast library of resources, to articles crafted by our team of in-house experts, you are sure to find what you need here regardless of where you are on your responsible recycling journey.

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