In pursuit of our mission and vision, we believe the following value statements are essential and timeless.

We are committed to working with international allies, trade associations, and regional organizations to implement programs which have a positive, lasting impact on the communities they serve. We pledge to work alongside all levels of the design, and recycling process for facilitating products and methods which result in cleaner inbound and outbound recyclables.

We advocate for research which enhances product design and processing standards which lead to the ethical procurement of cleaner scrap from the product cycle, and work to strengthen the recycling industry’s positive impact on the environment and surrounding communities. With technological improvement and ethical design for recycling efforts, we aim to help eliminate outdated recycling practices via ethical, proactive measures within the supply and recycling chain.

In promoting recycling’s best practices we encourage organizations to design, handle, and process materials in ways that do not jeopardize the health or safety of employees and members of the communities in which they are active. We champion the importance of perpetuating recycling values which lead to a safe, clean, and pollution free environment.

As standards continue to evolve and innovation challenges organizations to become more efficient, it is critical that all levels of the material life cycle remain abreast of new developments within the industrial scrap recycling industry, and more broadly in matters of environmental stewardship.

We encourage recycling best practices as a means of avoiding overconsumption of the earth’s natural resources. We remain committed to the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation, dematerialization, and sustainable practices which encourage the ethical design and  processing of products both generated and consumed by parties globally.

We support environmental justice by advocating for the prevention of contamination through enhanced design and processing standards to ensure contamination rates decrease. These efforts include endorsing industrial design education, enhancing consciousness surrounding ethical recycling, and collaborating with an array of organizations both ‘upstream and downstream’ in the recycling process to implement feasible “clean product” standards throughout the circular economy.

We promote strong moral and deontological principles such as intrinsic morality, honesty, and transparency relating to the recycling industry.

FERIS endorses the values and missions of industry leaders in their endless pursuit of promoting a global circular economy using economically sustainable, environmentally responsible management practices. FERIS proudly provides tools to facilitate the education of a circular economy’s best recycling practices, and stands by their message.

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