The Foundation for Ethical Recycling of Industrial Scrap (FERIS) was conceptualized in 2016 by Craig R. Gordon, a visionary who has spent much of his adult life working to make the world a better place by advocating for Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Enhancement, and Sustainability. As a fourth generation co-owner in a North Carolina-based family recycling business dating back over 100 years, Craig earned his bachelor’s degree in geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, followed by an MBA at Barry University. 

Following his studies, Gordon joined the family fold, overseeing various aspects of his family business’s day-to-day operations. But when doctors at the Mayo Clinic diagnosed Gordon with an auto-immune illness in 1984, Craig decided to dedicate his life’s purpose to continuing education in the interest of making communities worldwide cleaner, more ethical, and environmentally sustainable.

Over the last 25 years Gordon has curated a distinctive resource library of materials, and he now aims to share this information worldwide so that both companies and individuals can learn to apply proactive philosophies which emphasize community stakeholder health, safety, sustainability, and ultimately deontology. To accomplish his dream, Gordon has assembled a team of professionals to carry out his vision and to provide the world with resources to power sustainable change. That team is Legacy Education Group. Legacy Education Group presents multiple community enhancement projects and educational websites, including FERIS.org, as a means of providing communities globally with free educational material and industry analysis. 

Our team represents an assortment of elite universities and provides expertise in subject areas that are pertinent to our foundation’s seven Values: Community Based Collaboration, Scientific Advancement, Health & Safety, Continuing Education, Sustainability, Integrity, and Environmental Stewardship. With more than 70 years of combined journalistic experience; bylines with over two dozen publications; and extensive area knowledge in the environment, health sciences, law, economics, philosophy, and psychology, the FERIS team’s diverse background enables them to tackle wide-ranging subject matter with an unmatched level of expertise.

Gordon and his team recognized that there was an opportunity for companies and the individuals that represent them to adopt ethical practices and make better decisions in the interest of their communities and stakeholders, particularly given the limited resources which currently exist to inform and support these efforts. They saw that FERIS could be that resource. The FERIS team applies its experience and understanding of complex concepts to create content whose insight and in-depth analysis is of unparalleled value to you, the reader, and to recycling communities everywhere. We hope you will join us on our responsible recycling journey!

Our History