As our global community continues to develop, the non-stop production of goods remains certain. Humanity’s insatiable demand for up to date consumer goods is by no means new, but when once-cherished items reach the end of their life cycle and get discarded, we don’t always think about what becomes of them or if they pose a future risk to our health, safety, or environment. We assume they can or will be processed properly–hopefully repurposed or recycled–but that’s not always the case. With landfills across the globe piling up with trash and some recycling efforts failing to process the influx of recyclable material created annually, the message to suppliers and organizations in the industrial recycling industry is clear: something has to improve. That’s where the Foundation for Ethical Recycling of Industrial Scrap (FERIS) comes in.

FERIS ( exists as an integral component of Craig R. Gordon’s Legacy Education Group. This Foundation aims to champion industrial scrap recycling best practices which assist associations and organizations in the industry to improve product design standards which result in cleaner inbound recyclables. We endorse helping scrap metal processors accomplish cleaner material processing methods, and elevated HSE (Health, Safety, & Environmental) measures. We believe that in order to improve upon the circular economy model and product processing standards we must work together at all levels of all industries. 

Our intention is to aid education and research about practices which not only benefit recyclers, but are also practices designed to advocate for sustainability of the global communities and the environment in which we all live. We plan to do so by encouraging reduction of contamination from product life cycles, improving recycling related education, establishing industry wide partnerships, and supporting efforts to boost technological development relevant to the improvement of the global recycling industry. 

As an agent of worldwide improvement we aspire to empower designers, manufacturers, and recyclers to maintain ethical standards throughout all levels of the product life cycle. If you would like more information about the Foundation for Ethical Recycling of Industrial Scrap, please contact us in writing at: / PO BOX 970 Cornelius, NC 28031. 

Our website will premier later this year, so stay tuned! Coming 2023 Announcement (Press Release PDF) *

North Carolina, United States, January 15, 2023